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No Poison Termite Treatment Methods Available To Public But Rarely Offered


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No Tent No Chemical Wood Pest Treatment

Termite poisons emit toxic greenhouse gases in addition to attacking all plant life at the cellular level.Why do humans continue to unnecessarily poison their entire environment just for the sake of temporally controlling a few wood insects

Looking back as little as 50 years ago, one can understand why harsh poisons were used to kill termites and other bothersome pests. Solutions to problems were engineered and applied without concerns over environmental or human long-term effects. Autos were not equipped with seat belts, amputations were commonly performed because micro surgery did not exist yet and everything was being poisoned with DDT, later found to be a chlorinated hydrocarbon that can not be neutralized, builds up in the tissues of all living things and lasts forever. Research performed found that it was a carcinogen responsible for many different types of cancers, so it’s overall use was slowly banned.  

During this same past era of mass environmental pesticide poisoning, whole structure poison gas termite fumigation was performed daily on public structures, private buildings, railroad boxcars and ships nationwide. As of the year 2009 the same practice of poison gas termite fumigation is still performed and at an even higher rate of volume daily. Only exceptions being The poison gas Bromide used then was replaced with Sulfural Fluoride  gas, just as poisonous but without damaging foam fabrics. The use of chlordane, (a chlorinated fluorocarbon relative to DDT)  to poison soil for the control of ground termites was allowed continued use until existing supplies are used up. Chlordane stopped being made in the late 1970’s.

 Without even knowing it, many U.S. residence live only inches above highly carcinogenic poisoned soil contaminated with never breaking down or dissipating chlorinated hydrocarbons. Many have unknowingly been exposed to high levels of these cancer-causing toxins by way of damaged air conditioning ducting within a sub area or structures ac routing.

 Safe non-chemical termite treatment methods and procedures are available.

The Pest industry needs to work harder towards moving away from the toxic poisons habitually used for decades. When given a choice, the public prefers the safest means of treatment to themselves, their family and the environment. The key is they should be at least given a choice. Most large and even small pest companies do not even offer an alternative non-chemical choice.

Since most the Termite industry is not offering an available non chemical poison alternative to poison termite gas use then it is up to the public to seek out reputable, knowledgeable firms that will assist their wants and needs for safer and saner treatment alternative use.

Be safe, demand an alternative such as a safe microwave treatment system made by

Wavelength Entomologic Microwave Treatment Systems.

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Article By Karl Fabian

As Featured On EzineArticles

Friday, 15 May 2009 20:41:43 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)