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Termites and Bedbugs - What Do They Have In Common?


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No Tent No Chemical Wood Pest Treatment

Bedbugs hide during the daytime and come out to feed at night. Termites hide all the time and rarely show themselves out side of their inner wood housed environments. Modern technology has produced a 100% accurate detection device for both of these pests. Bedbugs and termites both give off high quantities of C02 gas. A micro sensitive CO2 gas detector has been specially developed just for bedbug and termite detection. Use of the new C02 detection device technology allows pest and property management industries to precisely detect bedbug and termite infestation locations without the need to hire pest professionals. It is also a valuable tool used to check prior areas treated for the application kill effectiveness. The microwave device treatment process used to kill termites may also prove useful in  killing bedbugs because both pests are subject to rapid death due to thermal heating.
Rental, commercial and private properties are all subject to infestation of termites and bedbugs. Both pests are costly to have treated and pose an extreme liability threat. The good news is both pests can easily be identified with the same co2 detection system. Modern American technology has made it possible to combat both of these pests effectively with one tool.

For more information or to purchase and own an advanced proven U.S. Microwave Termite Treatment Device and Co2 Detection System, Click on the following web address or cut And paste it into your Internet browser.
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Saturday, 19 February 2011 20:22:54 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)