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No Poison Gas Termite Kill Device Usage Benefits to consumer and Pest Industry


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No Tent No Chemical Wood Pest Treatment


Customer Benefits of Wavelength Microwave Termite Kill Device Use - Over Whole Structure Poison Gas Tent Fumigation


 1. Same if not better warranty coverage

 2. No Bagging or food removal

 3. No occupant overnight lodging

 4. No special permits necessary

 5. Most Jobs completed in 4 to 8 Hours

 6. Non-hazardous to occupant & environment

 7. No need to remove plants, fish or electronics

 8. No fear of possible death, injury or illness due to gas poisoning

 9. No fear of burglary or vandalism while home is vacated tented and filled with poison gas.

10. No fear of pets found dead in your home from entering it during or shortly after fumigation.


The safe and sane piece of mind answers to multiple and single unit poison gas Treatments


Property owners and prospective customers in need of termite treatment, If Wavelength technology is not yet available in your area, please make inquires to your local Termite control firms. The wavelength system is relatively inexpensive to purchase and gives years of reliable professional pest control service. Unfortunately, not all pest control professionals and firms are educated or aware of this new green technology. Avoid doing business with pest control firms who deny the existence or effectiveness of this time tested proven technology.


Firms that perform the Wavelength Treatment procedure are knowledgeable, technologically advanced, safety & environmentally conscience professionals. If you are currently having work performed by a Wavelength system user, rest assured that your treatment will be performed professionally and we congratulate you for helping contribute to a safer environment by choosing the non-hazardous alternative to poison gas fumigation. 




COMMERCIAL PEST FIRM Benefits of Industry Use - Over Standard Whole Structure Poison Termite Gas Tent Fumigation


  1. No mandatory chemical use

 2. No security guard expenses

 3. No Roof release to be signed

 4. No multiple work visits to job site

 5. No special applicator license required

  6. No sub contractors Fumigation expenses 

  7. No Fire Department Notification Necessary

 8. No Notice of poison Gas use disclosers to be signed

 9. No operating costs other than field applicator labor and travel expenses

10. No overnight lodging expenses for call backs or re-does 


Treatment termite kill effectiveness is comparable to whole structure fumigation

Treatment accepted by FHA, VA, HUD & Conventional lenders for escrow purposes

Lower company treatment costs equal higher profits. Lower consumer expenses equals happy customers.


COMMERCIAL PEST FIRMS, why not order your system today and start benefiting yourself and your customers now?


"Without a doubt, sufficient microwave energy applied to infested wood will kill termites." Venard R. Lewis,Ph.D Entomologist, 1996 UC Berkeley efficacy research report.  

Termite Companies Interested in No Poison Gas Wavelength System Device Purchase Visit Wavelength's Online Store Today By - Clicking Here Now -

Concerned Public Interested more about No Poison Gas Wavelength Termite Treatment Device Methods and Pest Firm Service Availability – Click Here Now –


Monday, 16 September 2013 20:57:13 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)