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Termite Poison Gas Tenting Is No Longer Best Or Safe Treatment Remedy


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No Tent No Chemical Wood Pest Treatment


Today there are safer and better ways to treat termites with out the use of chemicals or poison gas. Poison gas tent fumigation is old school and has caused many unnecessary human deaths. In addition to human deaths there has also been even more animal and pet deaths directly caused from poison gas fumigation.

Homes have been blown up and neighborhoods physically damaged by poison gas fumigations that have had concentrated gas ignite while the tent was on due to something as simple as a spark created from a circulating fan. It is routine procedure to place and turn on numerous air circulating devices within the structure during a whole structure “tent”, Fumigation.

 You may ask yourself, If poison gas fumigation is so dangerous, then how is it that the EPA, OSHA and other State and Federal Safety agencies still allow its usage? The following is a passage excerpt from a common chemical application disclosure that is given to persons that will be or have already received a chemical treatment at their occupied residency;  

            “CAUTION: PESTICIDES ARE TOXIC CHEMICALS; Structural pest control companies are registered and regulated by their state pest control laws and apply pesticides which are registered and approved for use by their state Department of Food and Agriculture and the United States Environmental Protection agency. Registration is granted by a state when they find that based on scientific evidence there are no appreciable risks if proper use conditions are followed or that the risks are outweighed by the benefits. The degree of risk depends upon the degree of exposure, so exposure should be minimized.”

The portion of the above CAUTION: PESTICIDES ARE TOXIC CHEMICALS disclaimer that should no longer apply is, “the risks are outweighed by the benefits,” Why? Because the risk of human life lost or impaired is no longer mandatory just to kill a few termites. Non-chemical effective alternative treatment for termites, such as Microwave treatment performed at the locally identified areas of infestation is readily available to any Termite company worldwide. It is time for termite treatment companies to stop pushing poison gas fumigation as the only primary means of complete wood pest control. Microwave treatment is less costly, safer, highly effective and non-polluting. The public needs to continually be advised that more deaths, human, pets and wildlife occur yearly from fumigation gas poisoning than all other methods of termite treatment combined.

                 Be safe, demand a no poison gas alternative such as the proven safe and effective Wavelength Radio Wave treatment system
              Click on the following link for secure details about Wavelength Treatment Systems.

Article By Karl Fabian

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Friday, April 03, 2009 8:01:16 PM (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)