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Microwave Termite Treatment Least Costly Safe and Sane Method


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No Tent No Chemical Wood Pest Treatment

Non chemical pest treatment methods are in use more and more as the public seeks safe and sane effective non poison treatment alternatives. Not only are they popular for their no poison killing abilities, treatment is least costly when compared to old school commercial treatment methods.

There are several no poison termite treatment alternative methods that are used successfully by the public and the pest industry today.

The subterranean termite actually live in the ground and feed vigorously on wood and materials of cellulose sugar content that is located and accessible to them above or below ground earth level. If the colony is to be eradicated, this type of termite must be treated at the below ground source by killing the queen. This can be difficult because the queen can be buried up to 60 feet deep within the earth. Too often colonies are not eradicated. Instead their entry to a structure is merely controlled by placement of chemical and non chemical barriers that the termites will not pass through.

The queen can best be killed by the non chemical safe and natural use of clove bud oil applied to the earth at areas of noted active infestation. The termites will carry the special oil to the queen who will die from ingestion. The oil can be purchased from health food stores for a minimal expense and can be diluted with mild dish washing liquid detergent.

Bait steaks are also a favored means of non chemical subterranean ground termite control. They are reasonable priced and all contain basically the same main natural ingredient that will sterilize the colony. They are placed in the earth at areas of noted active infestation and can be purchased at local garden stores.

Unlike the subterranean termite, the dry wood termite species actually live inside the wood it feeds on. The most commonly used treatment method for the control of the dry wood termite is whole structure tarp coverage with the final injection of poison gas within.

One non chemical alternative to the old unsafe tarp coverage poison gas treatment method is whole structure heat induction performed by heating a structure's entire interior with commercial propane heaters to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and maintaining that temperature for a couple hours. This procedure has proven itself effective; however it is costly, inconvenient and damaging to a structures known and unknown building material integrity.

The safest and least costly non chemical alternative treatment method for dry wood termites and Formosan termites is the microwave treatment method. This treatment involves isolating the precise location of each colony and applying microwave energy directly at the source of infestation. Total cost is mere hourly expense with most treatments performed in as little as an hour.

Microwave termite treatment is not only a least costly non chemical treatment procedure. It is also considered a favored practical, efficient and convenient modern termite control method.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011 9:43:55 PM (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)