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Non Chemical Termite Treat Alternatives Work - No Poison Gas Needed


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No Tent No Chemical Wood Pest Treatment

Many health conscience homeowners seek alternatives to poison chemicals applied within their personal living domain. Termites are commonly treated with poison gas pumped into a structure, which is then covered and sealed with tarp. There are several effective, practical and safe, non chemical alternative methods of termite treatment available. The following methods are listed in order of effectiveness, safety and practicality. There are finally proven effective non-chemical and non poison gas termite treatment methods available for commercial use.

1. Microwave termite treatment application, is clearly the safest, effective, non chemical treatment alternative method, because it is precisely applied directly to areas of infestation only. Application is non evasive and least costly. Treatment is completed within hours, not days. No residue is left behind. Structures treated are safe to reoccupy immediately upon treatment completion. Zero occupant health risks and no special permits are needed. This method of treatment utilizes a termite detection system that allows user to precisely target termite colonies, and also verify the effectiveness of treatment performed. Furthermore, the detection system allows means for early identification of new active infestation occurrence, which can aid in the prevention of future additional structural termite damage.

2. Forced induced heat treatment is the second most effective practical means of non chemical termite treatment. Application is performed in hours instead of days, with minor thermal damage occurring at areas of non controllable high heat applied. Can be applied to whole structure or limited to areas thereof. Involves detailed treatment preparation that may sometimes be cumbersome and complex, in order to avoid heat damage from occurring to fabrics, paintings, and furniture etc. Treatment efficacy outcome is heavily reliant upon variable heat conducting properties of engineered construction. Cost is comparable, or may be more that a fumigation expense. No treatment residues are left behind. Structures treated are safe to reoccupy immediately upon treatment completion. Zero occupant health risks exist. Special permits may or may not be required.

3. The deep freeze method comes in third, as an effective practical means of non chemical termite treatment. The cold treat method is precisely applied directly to areas of infestation only. Since it involves working with liquid nitrogen, applications are closely monitored for applicator safety and to limit structural damage occurrence, due to the freezing temperatures achieved. Treatment method is invasive. Access must be made at wall surfaces for nitrogen to be pumped into inaccessible wall voids. Cost is comparable or more that an average fumigation expense. There are safety concerns over the depletion of oxygen displaced by the nitrogen gas, however, re-entry after treatment completion and aeration is commonly safe. No residue from treatment is left behind. Most applications can be performed in hours.

4. Last but not least, good old fashion physical removal of all termite infested timber is a reliable, effective and safe way to get rid of termites without the use of any chemicals. Close attention must be made to removal of all infested timbers. This method is commonly very costly, due to the unknown extent of termite infestation and its associated reconstruction repair cost.

Non chemical termite treatment alternatives are available for those seeking a means to kill termites without endangering themselves or family. The public does have a choice in avoiding unnecessary life threatening exposure risks associated with chemical poisons.

Be frugal; always get more than one diagnoses and treatment recommendation. Be real cautious of self-proclaimed pest control professionals who blithely deny the existence of proven effective non-chemical termite treatment procedures.

                Be safe, demand a no poison gas alternative such as the proven safe and effective Wavelength Radio Wave treatment system
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Article By Karl Fabian

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Saturday, July 14, 2012 1:56:03 PM (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)