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No Tent No Chemical Wood Pest Treatment

In preparation of a microwave termite treatment, the treat site resident should discuss details with their microwave treat representative and agree upon a treatment date. All occupants are requested to leave the residence during the scheduled treatment. Prior arrangements are made for all occupants to leave the residence on the scheduled agreed date of treatment with the assurance that it will be properly treated and completely safe for entry upon their return.

1. Property access arrangements are made in advance.

Microwave termite applicators do not wish to inconvenience any occupant by having them wait for their arrival. Written key arrangements for treat access along with details of where to return the keys are noted upon a mutually signed, “Occupant Microwave Treatment Notice and Disclaimer Form.”

2. Items to be removed from residence prior to treatment.

All humans and living pets are to be removed a minimum of 30 foot from treatment site. They are preferred removed entirely to allow the treat crew complete safety control of the environment during treatment procedures.

3. Treatment cancellations and re-scheduling.

In case of rain or strong winds an application treatment may need to be postponed to a later date. It is important that the occupant enter an active emergency phone number on the occupant microwave treatment notice and disclaimer form so they can be contacted if needed.

Occupant readiness for a microwave termite treatment application is truly simple and hassle free. Most treatments are completed within 4 to six hours and the residence is safe for re-entry the same day.

                Be safe, demand a no poison gas alternative such as the proven safe and effective Wavelength Radio Wave treatment system
              Click on the following link for secure details about Wavelength Treatment Systems.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 10:09:40 PM (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)
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