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No Tent No Chemical Wood Pest Treatment

See how people die even when others claim everything was done by the books

March 10, 2005;  Reference is to The San Diego Union-Tribune (California) Fault is disputed in death, gassing Woman was inside a tented building: 

Linda Williams was a healthy 37 year old that became a victim of the pest control industries over selling of a highly lethal poison gas termite treatment procedure that has been performed so routinely for the past 80 years that it has become an acceptable human death risk just to kill a few hundred termites.

What has become of our modern day society? Alternatives to this crude poison gas treatment have been available for decades, yet in lieu of all the human life Termite Poison gas treatment has taken through the years of it’s use, Why must the industry continue to push it’s high death and health risk use to the vulnerable unaware public.

In the case of Linda Williams, she was an innocent rental tenant. It was not even her decision to have her paid place of residence filled with poison gas that is odorless, tasteless and without any known antidote to science. Why is this industry still putting the public at such a high death risk when other means are available.

No structure, building or residence is worth even 1 human life, less alone the hundreds sacrificed to simply kill some termites.

For your health and your families health and safety, please read the article link about Linda Williams and look at her picture and when you do just imagine it could easily be you or one of your own. Imagine hundreds of similar pictures of the others also poisoned with termite gas and ask your self, for what?

The Poison Termite gas, Vikane, (Sulfural Floride) like its predecessor, (Bromide), are considered a damaging greenhouse gas. Millions of pounds per year are released into the atmosphere when a termite poison gas treatment tent is removed and aerated. We don’t allow the releasing of fluorocarbons into the atmosphere any more during air conditioning servicing. Why on earth do we still allow the release of a non-antidotal poison gas substance, which is lethal to Human, mammal, fish, insect and vegetation life even at small doses of exposure. 

                Be safe, demand a no poison gas alternative such as the proven safe and effective Wavelength Radio Wave treatment system
              Click on the following link for secure details about Wavelength Treatment Systems.

Article By Karl Fabian

As Featured On EzineArticles

Friday, May 01, 2009 11:43:22 PM (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)
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