Available No Poison Wood Pest Treat Methods Rarely Offered Public

Poison wood pest control fumigants emit toxic greenhouse gases in addition to attacking all life at the cellular level. Why do humans continue to unnecessarily poison themselves and their entire environment just for the sake of temporally controlling a few wood destroying insects?

Looking back as little as 50 years ago, one can understand why harsh poisons were used to kill termites and other bothersome pests. Solutions to problems were engineered and applied without concerns over environmental or human long-term effects. Autos were not equipped with seat belts, amputations were commonly performed because micro surgery did not exist yet and everything was being poisoned with DDT, later found to be a chlorinated hydrocarbon that cannot be neutralized, builds up in the tissues of all living things and lasts forever. Research performed found that it was a carcinogen responsible for many different types of cancers, so it’s overall use was slowly banned.  

During this same past era of mass environmental pesticide poisoning, whole structure poison gas termite fumigation was performed daily on public structures, private buildings, railroad boxcars and ships nationwide. As of the year 2009 the same practice of poison gas termite fumigation is still performed and at an even higher rate of volume daily. Only exceptions being the poison gas Bromide used then was replaced with Sulfural Fluoride  gas, just as poisonous but without damaging foam fabrics. The use of chlordane, (a chlorinated fluorocarbon relative to DDT)  to poison soil for the control of ground termites was allowed continued use until existing supplies are used up. Chlordane stopped being made in the late 1970’s.

 Without even knowing it, many U.S. residence live only inches above highly carcinogenic poisoned soil contaminated with never breaking down or dissipating chlorinated hydrocarbons. Many have unknowingly been exposed to high levels of these cancer-causing toxins by way of damaged air conditioning ducting within a sub area or structures ac routing.

 Safe non-chemical wood destroying pest treatment methods and procedures are available.

The Pest industry needs to work harder towards moving away from the toxic poisons habitually used for decades. When given a choice, the public prefers the safest means of treatment to themselves, their family and the environment. The key is they should be at least given a choice. Most large and even small pest companies do not even offer an alternative non-chemical choice. This can be mostly contributed to pest industry laziness from decades of easy high profits at petty expense.  

Since most the Termite industry is not openly advertising an available non chemical poison alternative to death risk  termite gas use, then it is up to the public to seek out reputable, knowledgeable firms that will assist their wants and needs for readily market available safer and saner treatment alternative use.

Be safe, demand a no poison gas alternative such as the proven safe and effective Wavelength Radio Wave treatment system

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Elderly Virginia Couple Die Days After Home Tent Fumigation

Even with all the proper guidelines followed, Poison gas tent fumigation still kills a percentage of humans. In this case reported by the Center Of Disease Control CDC, the fumigation procedure was performed perfectly and a round the clock security guard was even posted for added safety to prevent the unwanted entry of any living thing while the tent was on and the poison gas was concentrated within it.

Five hours after the fumigation was completed, with the tent removed and the once concentrated poison gas, Sulfuryl  Fluoride was all released into the atmosphere, the structure was certified by a licensed professional as safe for re-entry by the owners. Knowing this full well the owners did not return to the home and enter it until eight hours after the fumigation was completed. The owners waited an additional 3 hours just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately there is no safe side to poison gas fumigation.

There is no antidote for the poison gas fumigant used. The poison gas warning label states to the doctor; in case of exposure treat systemically. That means if breathing stops, do what you can to start it up again. If a heart stops beating, do what you can to get it going again. The poison gas is extremely lethal even at very low doses.

Within 24 hrs after the elderly couple returned home they both felt ill. Three days after returning home the husband died at the hospital of chemical poisoning. On the sixth day after returning home the wife died at the hospital of the same chemical poisoning from exposure to the fumigate gas Sulfuryl  Fluoride.

The warning label of the poison gas fumigate, Sulfuryl  Fluoride, states clearly that there is no way to eliminate the risk of death associated with the application and use of the product.

The use of Poison gas fumigate needs to be banned. It is despicable to imagine how any company could down play the death risk of a poison gas termite treatment to any homeowner less alone an elderly couple, just to make a nice profit and commission on the application sale. Sure many poison gas termite fumigation are successful but performing even one at the risk of losing any human life is no benefit to controlling a few termites. 

We no longer live in the early 1900s. Alternative non-chemical poison treatments are effective and available for the same cost if not less. We should no longer even consider exposing any life form to lethal poison termite gas fumigation use.

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Termite Poison Gas Kills Innocent Mother age 37

March 10, 2005;  Reference is to The San Diego Union-Tribune (California) Fault is disputed in death, gassing Woman was inside a tented building: Search online for news details.

Linda Williams was a healthy 37 year old that became a victim of the pest control industries over selling of a highly lethal poison gas termite treatment procedure that has been performed so routinely for the past 80 years that it has become an acceptable human death risk just to kill a few hundred termites.

On date of lethal poisoning, an employee of D&S Fumigation had returned to the 30-unit complex around 2 p.m. to check toxicity levels around the building when he heard someone screaming for help and noticed a rustling inside the tent. The employee found Williams and pulled her out. Linda Williams, the mother of five children, died later that day at a San Diego hospital.

Linda Williams was an innocent rental tenant. It was not even her decision to have her paid place of residence filled with poison gas that is odorless, tasteless and without any known antidote to science. Why is this industry still putting the public at such a high death risk when other safer means of wood pest treatment are available?

What has become of our modern day society? Alternatives to this crude poison gas treatment have been available for decades. With all the human life, termite poison gas treatment has taken, why must the industry continue to push it’s high death risk use to the vulnerable unaware public.

No structure, building or residence is worth even 1 human life, less alone the multitudes sacrificed through the past years to simply kill some termites.

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Prevent Family Deaths – Seek Non Chemical Termite Treatment

Warning! There is a Family Death Risk connected with Termite Tenting.
What looks like a harmless circus tent could be the end of you, friends and family.

If you have or have not yet experienced the horror of a termite fumigation at your residence or you are currently in need of termite treatment or just shopping around for information on how your termites can be killed without the use of chemicals or poison gas, then you need to know your options and the following warnings.

Beware of Termite companies that insist on chemical or poison gas treatments only. Their main goal is to convince you so they can make the highest profits and commissions from your sell. Don’t be fooled or allow yourself to be persuaded because there is more at stake than you realize.

Exposure exists whenever chemicals or poison gas are administered for the control of termites. You do not want to expose your family and loved ones to possible chemical poisoning or even death just because a salesman tells you it is O.K. .

Only do business with real conscientious knowledgeable companies who will go over all your options with you, even those they do not offer or have little to no knowledge about. It is also very important to never base your decision on the size of a company or because it has been around for a long time. A larger company may have the insurance to pay for damages but they cannot bring the dead back to life. A simpler way to put it is, handle the treatment details as if it were a lifesaving medical procedure. After all, you and your family’s life are at risk.

Statistics show more needless human deaths occur yearly due to whole structure Fumigation gas poisoning than all other termite treatment methods combined.

Homeowners, the public and Mother Earth can now rejoice about no longer being forced to have dangerous chemicals and gas poisons distributed throughout their home living space and environment.

The control of termites can now easily be achieved without the use of any poisons. Even better news is the less danger, less cost, less time and less inconvenience to exterminate.

Be frugal; always get more than one diagnoses and treatment recommendation. Be real cautious of self-proclaimed pest control professionals who blithely deny the existence of proven effective non chemical termite treatment procedures. 

Be safe, demand a no poison gas alternative such as the proven safe and effective Wavelength Radio Wave treatment system

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Why Termite Poison Gas Tenting Is Not Worth Any Human Death Risk

Today there are safer and better ways to treat termites without the use of chemicals or poison gas. Poison gas tent fumigation is old school and has caused many unnecessary human deaths. In addition to human deaths there has also been even more animal and pet deaths directly caused from poison gas fumigation.

In addition to all the accidental poisoning deaths, homes have been blown up and neighborhoods physically damaged by poison gas fumigation that have had concentrated gas ignite while the tent was on due to something as simple as a spark created from a circulating fan.

You may ask yourself, If poison gas fumigation is so dangerous, then how is it that the EPA, OSHA and other State and Federal Safety agencies still allow its usage? The following is a passage excerpt from a State of California common chemical application disclosure that is given to persons that will be or have already received a chemical treatment at their occupied residency;

                “CAUTION: PESTICIDES ARE TOXIC CHEMICALS; Structural pest control companies are registered and regulated by their state pest control laws and apply pesticides which are registered and approved for use by their state Department of Food and Agriculture and the United States Environmental Protection agency. Registration is granted by a state when they find that based on scientific evidence there are no appreciable risks if proper use conditions are followed or that the risks are outweighed by the benefits. The degree of risk depends upon the degree of exposure, so exposure should be minimized.”

The portion of the above CAUTION: PESTICIDES ARE TOXIC CHEMICALS disclaimer that should no longer apply is, “the risks are outweighed by the benefits,” Why? Because the risk of human life lost or impaired is no longer necessary just to kill a few termites. Microwave non-chemical effective alternative wood pest treatment, such as Radio Wave technology applied to locally identified areas of infestation, has been readily available worldwide since 1994. It is time for termite treatment companies to stop pushing poison gas fumigation as the only primary means of complete wood pest control.

Non fumigation alternative treatment methods available today are less costly, safer, highly effective and non-polluting. The public needs to continually be advised that more deaths, human, pets and wildlife occur yearly from fumigation gas poisoning than all other methods of termite treatment combined.

Be safe, demand a no poison gas alternative such as the proven safe and effective Wavelength Radio Wave treatment system

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